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Photo by Christina Howie

St Paul's
Old Steeple

Calendar 2019


Sunday 9.30 - 10.30 Monday 7.00 - 9.00pm
Week beginning   Sunday Service Monday Practice  
Sun 30-Dec-18   No service ringing Mon 31-Dec-18 No practice
Sun 6-Jan-19   Old Steeple Mon 7-Jan-19 St Paul's
Sun 13-Jan-19   St Paul's Mon 14-Jan-19 Old Steeple
Sun 20-Jan-19   Old Steeple Mon 21-Jan-19 St Paul's
Sun 27-Jan-19   St Paul's Mon 28-Jan-19 Old Steeple
Sun 3-Feb-19   Old Steeple Mon 4-Feb-19 St Paul's
Sun 10-Feb-19   St Paul's Mon 11-Feb-19 Old Steeple
Sun 17-Feb-19   Old Steeple Mon 18-Feb-19 St Paul's
Sun 24-Feb-19   St Paul's Mon 25-Feb-19 Old Steeple
Sun 3-Mar-19   Old Steeple Mon 4-Mar-19 St Paul's
Sun 10-Mar-19   St Paul's Mon 11-Mar-19 Old Steeple
Sun 17-Mar-19   Old Steeple Mon 18-Mar-19 St Paul's
Sun 24-Mar-19   St Paul's Mon 25-Mar-19 Old Steeple
Sun 31-Mar-19   St Paul's Mon 1-Apr-19 Old Steeple
Sun 7-Apr-19   Old Steeple Mon 8-Apr-19 St Paul's
Sun 14-Apr-19   St Paul's Mon 15-Apr-19 Old Steeple
Sun 21-Apr-19   Old Steeple (Easter Day) Mon 22-Apr-19 St Paul's
Sun 28-Apr-19   St Paul's Mon 29-Apr-19 Old Steeple
Sun 5-May-19   Old Steeple Mon 6-May-19 St Paul's
Sun 12-May-19   St Paul's Mon 13-May-19 Old Steeple
Sun 19-May-19   Old Steeple Mon 20-May-19 St Paul's
Sun 26-May-19   St Paul's Mon 27-May-19 Old Steeple
Sun 2-Jun-19   Old Steeple Mon 3-Jun-19 St Paul's
Sun 9-Jun-19   St Paul's Mon 10-Jun-19 Old Steeple
Sun 16-Jun-19   Old Steeple Mon 17-Jun-19 St Paul's
Sun 23-Jun-19   St Paul's Mon 24-Jun-19 Old Steeple
Sun 30-Jun-19   Old Steeple Mon 1-Jul-19 St Paul's
Sun 7-Jul-19   St Paul's Mon 8-Jul-19 Old Steeple
Sun 14-Jul-19   Old Steeple Mon 15-Jul-19 St Paul's
Sun 21-Jul-19   St Paul's Mon 22-Jul-19 Old Steeple
Sun 28-Jul-19   St Paul's Mon 29-Jul-19 Old Steeple
Sun 4-Aug-19   Old Steeple Mon 5-Aug-19 St Paul's
Sun 11-Aug-19   St Paul's Mon 12-Aug-19 Old Steeple
Sun 18-Aug-19   Old Steeple Mon 19-Aug-19 St Paul's
Sun 25-Aug-19   St Paul's Mon 26-Aug-19 Old Steeple
Sun 1-Sep-19   Old Steeple Mon 2-Sep-19 St Paul's
Sun 8-Sep-19   St Paul's Mon 9-Sep-19 Old Steeple
Sun 15-Sep-19   Old Steeple Mon 16-Sep-19 St Paul's
Sun 22-Sep-19   St Paul's Mon 23-Sep-19 Old Steeple
Sun 29-Sep-19   Old Steeple Mon 30-Sep-19 St Paul's
Sun 6-Oct-19   St Paul's Mon 7-Oct-19 Old Steeple
Sun 13-Oct-19   Old Steeple Mon 14-Oct-19 St Paul's
Sun 20-Oct-19   St Paul's Mon 21-Oct-19 Old Steeple
Sun 27-Oct-19   Old Steeple Mon 28-Oct-19 St Paul's
Sun 3-Nov-19   St Paul's Mon 4-Nov-19 Old Steeple
Sun 10-Nov-19   Old Steeple (Remembrance Sunday) Mon 11-Nov-19 St Paul's
Sun 17-Nov-19   Old Steeple Mon 18-Nov-19 St Paul's
Sun 24-Nov-19   St Paul's Mon 25-Nov-19 Old Steeple
Sun 1-Dec-19   Old Steeple Mon 2-Dec-19 St Paul's
Sun 8-Dec-19   St Paul's Mon 9-Dec-19 Old Steeple
Sun 15-Dec-19   Old Steeple Mon 16-Dec-19 St Paul's
Sun 22-Dec-19   St Paul's Mon 23-Dec-19 Old Steeple
Sun 29-Dec-19   St Paul's Mon 30-Dec-19 Old Steeple



'Ding Dong Merrily On High' - Article in 'The Dundee Courier'

A short clip from a meeting at St Paul's Dundee

Find out more about bell ringing - Scottish Association of Change Ringers 

Cathedral Church of Saint Paul, Dundee web site

Contact Details
Ringing Master Margaret Gamble

07484 251400

Margaret Gamble (email)

Deputy Ringing Master Liz Evans


Liz Evans (email)


Ringing times
Old Steeple
Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Practices - Monday 7:00 - 9:00pm - tower varies, see above
Practices - Monday 7:00 - 9:00pm - tower varies, see above

Sunday 9.30 - 10.30

Please check as these are subject to change


Sunday 9.30 - 10.30

Please check as these are subject to change


Please note that the outside door is locked shortly after 7:00pm for the Monday practice. There is a bell on a ledge above and to the left of the left-hand door.

Extra information for ringing bands visiting Dundee.

Visitors are always most welcome at any of our practices or service ringing. Please contact one of us beforehand to check that the arrangements are still as advertised.

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